At R Lawrence DJ, we provide a fantastic All-Inclusive Wedding Package, full of everything most couples need for their wedding.

Many couples also like to personalize their weddings even more, and here is your chance to do so.

TEXT your requests

Provide the ability for your guests to request songs right from their phone!

Wedding guests LOVE to request songs. And as long as these requests are in the same genre of music that you’d like to hear, we would LOVE to play these requests! R Lawrence DJ provides an easy and convenient way for your guests to pick up a card on their way into the reception area.  This card holds the key that enables your guests to interact with us. They can request songs simply by texting their request directly to your DJ!  It's easy, convenient, and FUN!  

The cards are FREE, and the service is FREE! Interact with your DJ all night long via text!


No videographer at your wedding?  You can still get the audio from your wedding with R Lawrence DJ!

I have personally witnessed the most loving wedding vows full of emotion, and have heard some very touching and downright hilarious toasts.  Unfortunately, without a videographer, these spoken words were not recorded, and are lost.

With R Lawrence DJ, the audio of your entire wedding ceremony can be recorded, including the processional music of your bridesmaids and bride, the entire ceremony including every word spoken by your officiant, your wedding vows, readings, and the recessional music at the end of the ceremony.  Everything going through our mixer (music and all spoken words in the mics) will be recorded in high-quality mp3 format, and will be available for download with a click of a link.

As an added bonus, we'll also include the high-quality recordings of your toasts, welcome messages at your reception, and even the blessing!  


You can receive the audio files of everything above for just $95.



Included with the All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you receive the use of two concurrent wireless mics.  This is perfect for most weddings where you want the officiant mic'd during the ceremony, and a separate hand-held mic for people doing readings.  This also includes the use of a wireless mic during the reception for the blessing and toasts.

If you need more wireless mics for your ceremony, you can upgrade to our "4-mic system".  This gives you the ability to use up to 4 wireless mics during your ceremony (2 hand-held and 2 lavalier), which is perfect if you want your officiant mic'd, a mic for the readers, a mic for the vows, and to have a musician mic'd.  

You can upgrade to the 4-mic system for $95.


Take your venue up a few notches with our customized uplighting package!  We use up to 20 lights to accent your reception.  Unlimited colors available.  We will work with you to select the perfect color for your wedding.

Use 4-6 lights to highlight the area behind your sweetheart table, and use 2-4 lights to accent the area behind your cake.  If you are using white linens, we can even uplight underneath your sweetheart table for a nice soft glow.  These extra touches really showcase your venue, cake table, and/or your sweetheart table!

Professional setup and rental is just $15 per light.